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Statement from Dr. Dashti on the HR Global Forum at the Maghreb Kingdom that Kuwait on the Right Track of HR (28 Nov.2014)

كلمة دشتي في المنتدي العالمي  ح الإنسان


Bahrain Forced to Release 11-year-old Boy

 Boy Released

A juvenile court judge ordered police to hand Ali Hasan Alqudaishi over to his parents after domestic and foreign human rights groups petitioned for his release. But he will still face trial on charges of participating in an unlawful demonstration and helping to mount roadblocks to hinder the security forces. The boy was arrested by plainclothes policemen on May 14 during a protest by Muslim villagers against the regime led by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. He alleges he was beaten and humiliated as he was detained, activists said. Prosecutors alleged that he had pulled a rubbish skip across a road three times in order to prevent riot police breaking up a demonstration in one of the impoverished Shia villages ringing Manama, Bahrain's brash capital city. Protests have taken places in such villages since demonstrators were forced out of Manama with the assistance of Saudi troops in March last year. More than 80 civilians were reportedly killed, two of them children. Defence lawyers denied that Ali Hasan was involved in the protests, saying he was playing with two friends on the street when he was detained. Source: